Ukraine, crane your neck
Crane your neck and you will find wisdom
To the world you have become a source of entertainment
Popular you are for all the wrong reasons

Crane your neck Ukraine
And see how foolish it is for your citizens to fight each other
To divide yourself between East and West
Two different forces pushing Crimea and Kiev

Crane your neck Ukraine, find the compass leading to truth
Stop tempting war, see how shallow it is
To destoy your beautiful country
Based on what language one speaks

Some are using you for political milage
Others are riding on you to flex their muscle
But it is your children that are dying
It is your economy that is going to the dogs

See your policemen tired, see the tears in the crowd
As they hold weapons shouting propaganda
Deep down inside both sides ask
“What happened to us? We used to be brothers and sisters”

And you still are brothers and sisters
You still can be Ukraine, the yellow and blue
The rich country, the bread basket of fertile hue
Don’t you see your ports and location is the envy of many?

Don’t you see in your anger it is easy to be manipulated?
Refuse for you nation to be turned into a circus
Your help will not come from the East or West winds
Your help billows in the breeze of love

Crane your neck Ukraine
Above the toxic gas of hatred
Breathe. Think
Before more blood spills




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