No, she’s not the butch in a lesbian’s relationship
She is straight
She grew up wearing dresses, playing with dolls
Had crushes with boys, fell in love with a man

She was a princess, but before she turned into a queen
She was forced to be manly
In a world that tells her
“Act like a lady, think like a man”

But if she thinks like a man
Who will think womanly things?
Aren’t the feminine thoughts important?
Was it a mistake to create her a woman?

The men in her life failed her
Her alcoholic, abusive father rejected her
Her cousin raped her, her male boss harrased her
Every man sees her as a sex object up for grab

Where was a man when she needed a father figure?
Where was a man to protect her from an unfair world?
Where is the man she thought loved her?
Where is he, the one who impregnated her?

A single mother, an absent father to her child
She’s pushed to become mum and dad
Where are the so called heads of the family?
Will the real men please stand up?

Will the real men please stand up?
Take your rightful space in society
Use your strength not to beat or dominate
But to shield a woman from the monster a man can be

Will the real men please stand up?
Be the man who refuses to sleep with the prostitute
Because that prostitute needs to meet a different man
A man who’ll say “Your body is not for sale, you’re better than this”

Will the real men please stand up?
Will you stop being heartbreaking boys?
Stop thinking with what is between your legs
Start shaping the world with what is between your ears?

Woman be woman, let man play his role
They say what a man can do
A woman can do better
But it’s best when he and she do it together


binti afrique


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10. In front of her friends
Women love a public declaration of love. A kiss is a big symbolic way of showing your woman love, especially when done in front of her friends. It shows her that her man loves her and is not afraid to show it. Many men are great and comfortable kissing their woman in private, but a public kiss shows you are a proud lover.COUPLE

9. In the middle of a romantic movie scene
So you’re in the house or at the cinema watching a movie, then a mushy romantic scene engulfs the story. Look your woman in the eye (Even in the darkness at the cinema. If not, trace her lips in a creative way) and kiss her. Kissing her that moment shows you connect with the romantic story since you two are living out a romantic story too.


8. After a prayer
A prayer has been said; don’t just say “Amen”. Add a kiss to your “Amen”. It tells her that when you think about God, you think about her for she is a blessing. It tells her you hold your love dearly.

the prayerful couple

7. In front of her Ex or your Ex or a woman who is after you
Save her the trouble of fighting the other woman or man trying to come between you two. Do this through a public gesture that is loud and clear. Give her a kiss that says her position in your heart and life is secured. Affirm her, be her hero and let the kiss be your act of heroism.

i will love you no matter what

6. During your wedding day
Spontaneous kisses are the best, the ones least expected. Though the kiss after the vow is planned, expected and directed by the one officiating, give her a memorable kiss none the less. Kiss her the way others will look on and say “Oh my, the good man has left us. Why are all the good ones taken every time?”


5. When an apology is needed

You’ve done wrong and are apologizing, she has forgiven you. Don’t just walk away and live on, give her a kiss. A kiss that says you care about her feelings, you are genuinely sorry and you don’t take her forgiveness lightly.

You’ve had a fight, harsh words were spoken, tempers flared, you both were on the wrong or she is the one who messed up big time. A woman gets scared of losing the man she loves or even if she doesn’t lose him, she feels scared that things will not be the same and it’s her fault. To tell her you’ve truly forgiven her, kiss her. Let the kiss be a confirmation to tell her you don’t hold it against her.

autograph on my heart

4. In her success and her defeats
You love her for better and for worse. When she succeeds and accomplishes something that is special to her, kiss her. You may give her a congratulations card or throw her a party, but crown all that with a kiss, that makes it all special and intimate.

When she fails, when she’s beaten down by life, when she is sick or when things get tough and she feels discouraged; plant a kiss on her. She needs to feel you are still with her, let your lips convince her, rejuvenate her.

binti afrique

3. When she tells you she’s pregnant

A woman always plans for the best moment to tell her man they are expecting a baby, even if it’s their second, third, fifth or tenth baby. For a while, she wonders in her mind what will be his response; will he reject the baby, will he be excited, will he feel disappointed because they are not ready, will he blame her for poor family planning, will he love the baby, will he wonder why they need another baby? A kiss will silence all her fears, it will speak of her man’s joy, allowing her to carry the pregnancy in peace and comfort knowing she has the father walking with her. As she carries that pregnancy, once in a while, kiss her belly.

feed the baby dear, i shall feed you

2. When you propose to her
An extravagant proposal, a simple one; you get down on one knee or you do it differently. Whichever way you propose to her, kiss her when she says “Yes”. Give her a kiss that seals your question and her answer. Give her a taste of the kisses she should expect now that she is to be your wife.


1. When you are old and grey
The beauty and purpose of love is to find someone to age with, someone to share life with; many search for that but don’t find it. She has given you years of her life to spend with you, stood by you, the least you can do is kiss her. Sure, your bodies have changed, wrinkles fill both your face, and hair has turned grey, little activity if any happens under the covers but she still needs to know that you don’t just love her, you’re still in love with her. She still needs your attention and affection, that same woman you kissed on your wedding day, needs your kiss during your sunset years.
As Cher sang, “If you want to know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss”

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