Knock knock, I bang the door

My lover opens, and I fall to the floor

With my tears, I wipe my lover’s feet

This is my song, I write on the sheet


Things used to be so good

Until I got stupid and walked away

My lover was walking hand in hand with me

But I got lost and ran away


I don’t know what I was looking for

I had it all with my lover

I said some nasty things when I left

I left my lover in pain as I took an exit


Out there I had no dignity

Because my royalty only works when I am in love

So I am back, back to my lover

Back where I belong


The prodigal lover that I am

My lover lifts me up, I tremble

Will I be accepted back?

Or I’m I too late?


My lover looks me in the eye

I go on and on about how sorry I am

My lover shuts my chatter box lips

“Shh… I forgive you” I am told


I silence my lover

Tell my lover to please listen

I shouldn’t come and act like nothing happened

An apology must be said, an apology must be heard


“May I speak now?” my lover asks

After my minutes of remorse

“I love you, thank you for caring about my feelings

Welcome back. I kept my heart for you”






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