10. “Are you a model?”

Most men always equate beauty to modeling. As if modeling is the only career for gorgeous ladies. You can be a lawyer, a chef, a doctor, a business woman, a journalist, a police woman and still be attractive and hot!

9. “I love you?”

Some men get carried away by their infatuation of a lady that they say it so cheaply. How do you love someone you don’t really know? If you use such intimate words too quickly and loosely, your intentions are in doubt. Are you a man or a boy? A boy spurts words out of infatuation, a man covers the woman from the pain and confusion his reckless use of words and deeds can bring her.

john wesley8. “Your mum must be a terrorist cause you’re the bomb”

This is the worst line to use in these days of frequent terrorist activities. No one likes being associated with Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram; especially if they can’t take a joke.

ellen johnson sirleaf7. “Nice ass you got there”

Never show a woman you view her as a sex object; that the only reason you are approaching her is because of her body. The first impression you give to a lady should never be “Hey sexy, I want to sleep with you even though I don’t even know your name”

LET'S GET IT ON!!!6. “Hey sweetheart”

Women love to feel special, if a man shows himself generous in using intimate names to any woman even if it’s to her and yet they barely know each other; she will become suspicious of him and question whether he means his words. Darling, beautiful, babie- special names should be reserved for someone special; it takes time for someone to become special.

tania5. “Lose your boyfriend”

A man shouldn’t approach a lady the first day as someone out to attack her current relationship, no matter how pathetic her current relationship is. A good woman is protective of her man and she will repel you if you attack the love she has. But even if she is willing to play and flirt with you because of the dullness in her current relationship, she will not take you seriously because if you don’t respect what she has right now, how will you respect what you two might have?

sitting on top of the world4. “Heaven must be missing an angel

This is just one of the many cheesy, corny and over-used lines spoken. A woman loves a man who is fresh, different, exciting and creative. She’ll be turned off if she thinks you are the type who copies and pastes ways of approaching a lady from discussions men have when they group together or from a movie scene.

on board flight L.O.V.E3. “Niaje kamrembro” – “wassup little girl”

One of the ways to get to a woman’s heart is through words. By your words she will know how you view her. Whatever language you use, make sure the words you use don’t give an impression that you take her casually or that you’re immature or demeaning.

m'hoyah moh2. “I am here to save you”

Don’t approach a full grown woman, capable of holding her own as if you being in her life is doing her a favor; as if you are her savior. Only girls can be damsels in distress, but a grown woman, no matter how tough her life is, she wants a partner not a man who thinks she is zero without him. She wants a man to walk with, not one to worship.

kipusa kwenye balcony1. Stop using a pick up line

Why are you using a pick up line in the first place? Ladies are not goods to be picked up but whole beings to engage with, know, respect and relate with. The best conversation starts when a man is himself to a lady. Just be yourself. Honesty is very attractive!



To read more of Dayan Masinde’s writing on love, you may purchase “WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE”- poetry book by Dayan Masinde on Amazon. Click on this link for direction http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JVUQAPY



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