Hashtag #Idontwanttotrend
Trends come and trends go
But my love, I want to be top on your list
And never replaced or dethroned

Hashtag #Leaveusalone
Will the world please let my lover and I be?
Keep my private life private
Too private what we share to post it in the open gallery

I am not looking for many likes on my posted photos
I will not strip off my clothes, be a stripper on social media
I’m not desperate for hundreds of likes from strangers
My lover loves how I look, I don’t need a nod from the masses

I don’t desire fame
Every one doesn’t have to know my name
But my love, let each beat of your heart
Know me intimately and personally

I don’t have to be on the cover of magazines
But my lover, cover me from this world of thieves
You be the only one who shoots me down
With your loaded magazine from your pistol of love

My aim is not to be stinking rich
The Forbes list doesn’t need to know I exist
I just want enough to provide for you and I, a perfume of affection
I won’t chase after money, I’d rather love the people around me

No, I don’t want a shallow life
Not when your heart is this deep in love
I will keep my priorities right
So that I never be the one you left


on my back


To read more of Dayan Masinde’s writing on love, you may purchase “WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE”- poetry book by Dayan Masinde on Amazon. Click on this link for direction



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