10. God doesn’t need a lawyer
God doesn’t need defense. God is not insecure. God is not at the mercy of our belief. God is God whether we believe or not. Human beings have the tendency to steal each others inventions, only the penalty of the law and the demand for ethics keeps us in check; hence it is easy for us to deny God the honor of Creator. Yet the mystery and splendor of God surrounds us: all of creation, our intricate design, our intangible spirit, the desire for love, the limitations of our ability, our delicate breath. We may boast of science and knowledge, yet research is just an exploration of God’s work, we still don’t know everything. We design cars aping God’s creation, we design the computer aping the human brain, and we hunger for excellence, perfection because we have a longing for wholeness, completion, the best, purity- God.

serene dayan
9. Arguing pushes away, loving attracts
Arguing pushes people away, arguing will pit us against each other, puts the protagonists on an offensive and defensive mode which takes us out of love. Love is what a believer should do; God should be seen through the believer.

the prayerful couple
8. You can’t explain experience.
Experience is not inherited. A believer cannot explain their walk with God to someone who has never walked with God. It’s like a husband trying to explain to his friends how sweet his wife kisses him. The non-believer may not understand when a believer speaks of how God healed him, how God transformed her, how God speaks, how God has forgiven, how much peace they have. A believer shouldn’t be mad when a non-believer doesn’t get it YET.

7. Believers are peacemakers
Believers don’t go looking for fights, quarrels, squabbles and debates. Live out your life to God before the world, share about God peacefully when you can. Don’t shove God down someone’s throat. Don’t judge someone and elevate yourself to a “holier than thou” state just because someone hasn’t believed YET or their walk with God is not as fast or as fruitful as yours.


6. We don’t find God, God finds us
We all have our Damascus Road, that point where we encounter God and are faced with a personal choice to make. God finds us. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I am found.

mural 6
5. It’s a dead end when one doesn’t acknowledge sin
Interesting how we as a society legislate laws, we define crime, and we punish criminals with fines and jail time yet refuse to acknowledge our individual human sin. Sin when we cheat, sin when we wish someone wrong, sin when we insult, sin when we are jealous, sin when we fall short of this excellence and perfection that we strive to have. It is difficult for someone to see they need God when they don’t accept their shortcomings and inadequacies. None is perfect.

4. Human intellect alone is not enough
The two protagonists will argue on uneven grounds. One will argue on human intellect and facts alone, whilst the believer’s human intellect reasons linked to the spirit that has been made alive with God. The believer uses facts accompanied by faith knowing there are things beyond human understanding for now. Believers don’t just rely on the written word; their spirit is connected with God everyday, transforming them by the renewal of their mind. Head knowledge is not enough. Head knowledge is what made people of the past say everything revolves around the earth, but Galileo knew there was more to the earth than what was then accepted. More out there in space than humans had fathomed.

ellen johnson sirleaf
3. Labels divide us. It’s not us against them
We live in a world that loves to give labels- labels in terms of race, labels in terms of wealth- first world and third world, labels in terms of ideology- east versus west, communism versus capitalism. Labels only divide us; they cloud us and put us on attacking and comparison mode against the antagonizing label on the “other side”. But love teaches us, love opens our eyes, love respects your belief or lack of belief. It should never be seen as “us against them”

2. Doubt is part of the search
Everyone has a right to search for their creator, questions consume each individual. The same way an orphan longs to trace their origin. The same way people brought up by single mothers wonder who is their absent father. God is not absent. Doubting is the first key part in soul searching. Each spirit must wrestle with God, question. God seeks not blind following but a faith tried and tested, a human spirit freely giving itself to the Holy Spirit.

sweerie don't look behind, but i think they are talking about us


1. A believer was once an atheist
Many argue that faith is taught. That God is a figment of imagination, a mere story handed down through generations, a good tale that the weak cling to. But if you knew something good, why keep it from others? We have preserved the mathematical knowledge spread by the Arabs, the democracy started by the Greeks, the martial arts started in Asia; what is wrong with preserving and handing down the goodness and majesty of God and the testimonies? None of us was born knowing that fire can burn, but we were taught that fire is dangerous. When we ventured to explore, we felt the heat of the fire, we acknowledged what we were told was true. Same thing, people can tell you about God, but as an individual, one must graduate from knowing about God to knowing God, a personal relationship with God.

feed the baby dear, i shall feed you


To read more of Dayan Masinde’s writing on love, you may purchase “WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE”- poetry book by Dayan Masinde on Amazon. Click on this link for direction http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JVUQAPY





  1. Yeah, it’s too bad atheists actually want to hear logic, that’s what makes arguing with them so difficult 😛

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